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Two of the best trade associations in the wedding industry are among the most respected and professional in the field. To become a member, applicants must be selected by specific committees, which ensures a high standard of seriousness and professionalism for anyone who decides to join. They guarantee an excellent professional reputation and also offer numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Photography contests are also organized in which the best images are awarded, creating a healthy competition among members. In this way, these associations not only promote the quality of the work of their members, but also continuous growth and professional development.

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matrimonio in inverno umbria
matrimonio civile migianella dei marchesi

Everything at its best!

Emanuele, with his discretion and courtesy, made us feel perfectly at ease...tag: best photographer umbria


A guarantee!

From the beginning, we were certain that for our wedding we wanted Emanuele and no one else...


Exemplary professional!

Emanuele was the first and only photographer we contacted, he immediately convinced us with his wonderful shots and his availability.. tag: best photographer umbria


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