Right from the start, I had a great connection with Emanuele. He is an exceptional person, a sensitive and kind professional who reflects this in his photos. A discreet presence along with his fantastic staff, who followed us throughout the day even beyond the agreed time. He is capable of making even those who are less inclined to be photographed feel comfortable. He also brought peace of mind to me during the delicate preparation phases at home. That's not small. I'm eagerly awaiting his shots, but I'm sure they will meet my expectations. I am convinced that I could not have made a better choice! Thank you Manu!

Emanuele e Laura

Everyone was very complimentary of your photography style and you made everyone feel so relaxed on the day. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding perfect.

Emma e Adam

Emanuele was the first and only photographer we contacted, he immediately convinced us with his wonderful shots and his availability. During the ceremony he was discreet and not intrusive at all and the photos are wonderful, he captured every emotion of the day as naturally as possible. A lovable person, absolutely not intrusive and capable of capturing every important moment of the ceremony and reception. Absolutely excellent service quality and unbeatable professionalism.

Pierluigi e Benedetta

Thank you Emanuele for capturing such beautiful pictures

they are exactly how we imagined just very natural shots we have

loved looking through seeing how happy everyone was. We

truly had a magical day

thank you for capturing this in your


Liam e Hayley

Given that we are a couple who doesn't like photos, for our wedding we entrusted ourselves to him and the result was more beautiful than expected! He managed to capture moments and emotions in a shot without being seen and without being intrusive! In addition to this, he is a photographer who leaves nothing to chance and has a care for detail that is truly impeccable! We recommend him to everyone!!

Rocco e Chiara

Emanuele was the first and only photographer we contacted, he immediately convinced us with his wonderful shots and his availability. During the ceremony he was discreet and not intrusive at all and the photos are wonderful, capturing every emotion of the day with all the naturalness possible. An adorable person, absolutely not intrusive and able to capture every important moment of the ceremony and reception. Service quality absolutely excellent and incomparable professionalism.

David e Loredana

Emanuele and his team were able to capture unique moments, making us emotional when we saw the photos! They were discreet and fulfilled every one of our desires.

Carlo e Lucia

Professional, available, efficient, up-to-date, and... Invisible! From getting ready at home to throughout the ceremony you don't realize he's around. Despite his gift of invisibility, he's friendly and easy-going. Fantastic shots!

Andrea e Laura

Emanuele and his team are fantastic! Professionalism is their motto... They are not intrusive, very discreet, and very friendly. Their reportage style immediately made us fall in love with them... No posed or staged photos... Natural and spontaneous shots... Real artists who can capture the moment in a very discreet but professional way. Highly recommended!

Mattia e Ilenia

His professionalism is unparalleled. He captures the best of every moment but you don't even realize he's there!

Carlo e Chiara

servizio fotografico di matrimonio al castello di petrata in umbria

The perfect choice. I believe the best photos are the most natural ones that capture the 100% most emotional moments of the day. Emanuele is just like that, you don't see him, you don't feel him but you know he'll be there at every moment and will capture every small nuance of the wedding! We are really happy to have chosen him! Thanks Manu!

Nicola e Ilaria

servizio fotografico di matrimonio a villa magi in toscana

Spontaneous and unique photos. Emanuele Fumanti is one of the best professionals in this industry. The photos are beautiful and spontaneous. He is able to capture the most beautiful moments of the big day, without being intrusive and making himself noticed. A delightful person and extremely available, simple and approachable. Highly recommended!!!

Leonardo e Daniela

A Guarantee From the start, we were sure that for our wedding we wanted Emanuele and no one else; always present yet imperceptible, he captures the most precious and fleeting moments with superhero timing. Emanuele is the choice I would make for every event in my life!

Luca e Morena

matrimonio civile migianella dei marchesi

Exemplary professional. A delightful person who made us feel at ease right away, showing us the various possibilities and nuances of what his work could be for us. With him, we chose the timing, the type of photos, and the mode to make sure we were not disorganized on the fateful day. During the ceremony and reception, he was very professional, capturing every moment without ever being too intrusive. His photos, mostly taken spontaneously, capture the true essence of experience without ever imposing anything preconceived.

Gianluca e Francesca

wedding destination photographer rosciano castle

Everything at the Top!

Emanuele, with his discretion and his kindness, made us feel perfectly at ease. The result are natural, spontaneous and very pretty photos that perfectly convey the atmosphere of the ceremony and our party night. Even in terms of print type and album creation, the choices are never ordinary. When there is professionalism and love for one's work, the result can only be top-notch!

Stefano e Marta

matrimonio in inverno umbria
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