Wedding at Castello di Rosciano

The wedding of Giacomo and Serena took place in a breathtaking setting, the Castle of Rosciano in Umbria.
This historic and charming location was the perfect backdrop for the celebration of the love
between the two spouses.

The day started with the preparation for the wedding, where the bride and groom, surrounded by their families and closest friends, spent emotional and unforgettable moments. Then, with the arrival of the first guests, the big event began.

The ceremony took place outdoors, in the castle courtyard, where a magical and romantic atmosphere enveloped those present. Live music accompanied the entrance of the bride and groom and their witnesses, creating an even more suggestive atmosphere. During the ceremony, moving speeches and promises of eternal love brought tears to the eyes of those present.

After the ceremony, the celebrations continued with a reception under the stars, where guests were able to enjoy delicious food and live entertainment. Music and dancing livened up the evening, which ended with a fantastic firework show that illuminated the moment of cake cutting.

It was an unforgettable wedding, where love and joy reigned supreme. The Castle of Rosciano made this day even more special, with its beauty and history. The bride and groom, together with their loved ones, spent an unforgettable day that will remain forever in their hearts.

In conclusion, the wedding of Giacomo and Serena at the Castle of Rosciano in Umbria was a wonderful event that saw the celebration of love between two people who have united forever. This historic and charming location made this day even more special and unforgettable.